Binding Machine Rexel C 200 E

Introducing the Binding Machine Rexel C 200E, available at Yah Yera Office Equipment Trading, a powerful tool designed to bring professionalism to your document binding process. Ideal for offices, educational institutions, and businesses of all sizes, the C 200E combines efficiency with user friendly features to deliver a seamless binding experience. With this innovative binding machine, you can enhance the presentation of your reports, presentations, and documents with ease.

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Key Features and Benefits:
  • Electric Punching: The C 200E features electric punching capabilities, streamlining the punching process and reducing manual effort, making it ideal for high volume binding tasks.
  • Binding Capacity: This binding machine can handle a substantial number of sheets, providing versatility for various document sizes and thicknesses.
  • Adjustable Margin Depth: With an adjustable margin depth, the C 200E ensures precise and customizable placement of punched holes, accommodating different binding styles and preferences.
  • Effortless Comb Binding: The machine supports comb binding, a popular and secure binding method that allows for easy editing and rearranging of pages.
  • Integrated Comb Storage: Conveniently store binding combs within the machine, ensuring they are readily accessible and minimizing the risk of misplacement.
Technical Details:
  • Electric Punching Capacity: High capacity electric punching for efficiency
  • Binding Capacity: Accommodates a significant number of sheets
  • Adjustable Margin Depth: Customizable margin depth for precision
  • Binding Style: Supports comb binding for easy editing
  • Integrated Comb Storage: Built in storage for convenient access

Upgrade your document binding capabilities with the Rexel C 200E from Yah Yera Office Equipment Trading. Trust in its electric punching efficiency, versatile binding options, and user friendly design to bring a polished and professional finish to your bound documents.


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