Kettle Stainless Steel Electric Philips 1.7L

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Introducing the Philips Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, a sleek and efficient appliance available exclusively at Yah Yera Office Equipment Trading. Elevate your kitchen experience with this premium kettle that combines style, performance, and safety.

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Key Features:
  • 7 Liter Capacity: The Philips Electric Kettle boasts a generous 1.7 liter capacity, making it perfect for various hot water needs, from brewing your morning tea to preparing instant soups or coffees.
  • Rapid Boil Technology: Experience quick and efficient boiling with Philips’ advanced rapid boil technology. Enjoy the convenience of hot water at your fingertips, saving you time and energy.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: The kettle features an elegant and durable stainless steel body, adding a touch of sophistication to your kitchen. Stainless steel ensures longevity, resistance to corrosion, and easy maintenance.
  • 360 Degree Cordless Base: The cordless design with a 360 degree swivel base provides flexibility and ease of use. Pouring is convenient from any angle, allowing for seamless serving and refilling.
  • Auto Shut Off: Prioritizing safety, the kettle is equipped with an auto shut off feature that turns off the heating element once the water reaches its boiling point. This feature prevents over boiling and conserves energy.
  • Boil Dry Protection: The kettle includes a boil dry protection mechanism that automatically switches off the heating element when the water level is too low, safeguarding the kettle from damage and enhancing safety.
  • Water Level Indicator: Keep track of water levels effortlessly with the transparent water level indicator. It allows for precise filling, preventing overfilling and ensuring you use just the right amount of water.
  • Removable Filter: The kettle comes with a removable filter to ensure your water remains free of impurities and scale. The filter is easily washable, contributing to both cleanliness and the longevity of the appliance.
  • Lid Opening Button: The kettle features a convenient lid opening button, making it easy to fill and clean. Enjoy a hassle free experience every time you use your Philips Electric Kettle.

Elevate your kitchen with the Philips Stainless Steel Electric Kettle, available exclusively at Yah Yera Office Equipment Trading. With its combination of style, functionality, and safety features, this kettle is a must have for any modern kitchen. Trust Yah Yera for top quality home and kitchen appliances.


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