Samsung CLT Y406S Toner Yellow

Introducing the Samsung CLT Y406S Toner Yellow, a premium toner cartridge available at Yah Yera Office Equipment Trading. Engineered to meet the demands of professional color printing, this cartridge ensures vibrant and consistent yellow prints for a variety of documents and images.

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Key Features:
  • Vibrant Yellow Output: The Samsung CLT Y406S Toner Yellow is designed to deliver vibrant and true to life yellow prints, enhancing the overall color quality of your documents.
  • Genuine Samsung Quality: Manufactured by Samsung, this toner cartridge guarantees genuine and reliable performance, providing consistent and high quality yellow prints with every use.
  • High Yield Capacity: With a high yield capacity, this toner cartridge allows for more pages per cartridge, reducing the frequency of replacements and offering cost effective color printing.
  • Easy Installation: User friendly installation ensures that the toner cartridge integrates seamlessly with compatible Samsung printers, allowing for quick and trouble free replacements.
  • Consistent Print Quality: Enjoy consistent and high quality yellow prints throughout the entire life of the cartridge, maintaining professional standards for all your color printing needs.
  • Exceptional Color Accuracy: Achieve exceptional color accuracy with the rich and vibrant yellow tones produced by this toner cartridge, ensuring that your prints stand out.
  • Cost Effective Printing: The high yield capacity extends the life of the toner cartridge, reducing the overall cost per page and providing excellent value for your color printing requirements.
  • Reliable Performance: As a genuine Samsung product, this toner cartridge ensures reliable and consistent yellow print reproduction, minimizing the risk of print inconsistencies.
  • Extended Cartridge Life: The high yield capacity allows for more pages to be printed before needing a replacement, promoting sustainability and reducing environmental impact.
Technical Details:
  • Color: Yellow
  • Page Yield: High yield capacity for extended printing
  • Compatibility: Designed for use with compatible Samsung printers

Elevate your color printing experience with the Samsung CLT Y406S Toner Yellow, available at Yah Yera Office Equipment Trading. Experience genuine Samsung quality, vibrant yellow prints, and cost effective high yield capacity for all your color printing needs.


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