Shredder Machine Maxi DM-120M

Introducing the Shredder Machine Maxi DM-120M, available at Yah Yera Office Equipment Trading, a reliable and efficient solution for secure document disposal. Engineered for convenience and enhanced security, the Maxi DM-120M is an ideal choice for offices, businesses, and organizations with diverse shredding needs.



Key Features and Benefits:
  • Micro-Cut Shredding Technology: The Maxi DM-120M employs micro-cut shredding technology, turning sensitive documents into tiny particles for advanced security against unauthorized access and identity theft.
  • High Shredding Capacity: With a robust shredding capacity, this machine effortlessly handles large volumes of paper, providing efficiency for organizations with substantial document disposal needs.
  • Continuous Operation: Engineered for extended use, the Maxi DM-120M allows continuous operation, reducing downtime and increasing productivity during intensive shredding tasks.
  • Jam Release Function: The shredder features a jam release function, facilitating quick and hassle-free troubleshooting in case of paper jams, ensuring a smooth shredding experience.
  • Energy-Efficient Design: Featuring energy-saving components, this shredder minimizes power consumption, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.
Technical Details:
  • Security Level: Micro-cut (P-5)
  • Shredding Capacity: Handles a significant volume of sheets
  • Continuous Run Time: Enables extended use without overheating
  • Jam Release Function: Facilitates easy troubleshooting
  • Energy-Saving Components: Promotes energy efficiency

Upgrade your document disposal practices with the Maxi DM-120M Shredder Machine from Yah Yera Office Equipment Trading. Rely on its micro-cut security features, efficiency, and user-friendly design to meet the stringent demands of safeguarding your confidential information.


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